Distinctive Catering

Catering for Legendary Events

Mini Bagels2It is in our best interest to make sure that your event, regardless of the size, makes a lasting impression on your guests.  We represent you.  Fabled Table takes the time to address your needs to ensure your complete satisfaction.

If you are uncertain of what to order, let us help.  We are available to suggest menus or customize a menu for your special needs. Fabled Table offers the following Catering Menus:

Please call 412.886.7400

or email fabledtable@gmail.com to get pricing and place orders.

Additional Offerings


Fabled Table strives to ensure that you look good.  Our professional staff is available for a nominal fee to enhance your event experience.  Please inquire about pricing to hire our professionals.

Disposables & Rentals

Casual Elegance Continued2Clear disposable plates, cups and Reflections Cutlery are available to complete your event.  We also offer rental items.  Let us give your event a polished look with our rentals of Dinner Plates, Cocktail / Dessert Plates, Soup / Salad Bowls, Coffee Mugs, Cutlery, Stemmed Wine Glasses, Water Goblets, Champagne Flutes.  Commercial BBQ Grill.

Please contact us for pricing and more details.


Two complimentary cloth linens are provided in white or black for food serving tables.  Please inquire about sizes and quantities for additional linens that you may require. Tax, gratuity and delivery charges may apply.

We welcome your call to discuss menu selections and pricing.

artfunc_fabledtable_edit_003Baked Goods

Starting New Traditions….Creating Memories….and Developing Friendships.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to indulge in a tasty treat.  Fabled Table Cheesecakes and Dessert Trays can help your ordinary meals or events create extraordinary memories.  Let the people in your life know that they are special. Give them a dessert from Fabled Table.

Custom Orders

Fabled Table takes pride in using only the freshest and finest ingredients for your taste buds to experience. It is with uncompromising standards that we continue to satisfy customers for many years. We know that you are discriminating when it comes to desserts. Simple flavors, true taste and creamy texture are instrumental in making a delicious dessert. We encourage you to contact us for your special dietary needs. We feel that having a dietary restriction shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying a decadent dessert. We accommodate people with diabetes, cholesterol, wheat allergies and more. Please call for further details.

artfunc_fabledtable_edit_012_3Tiered Dessert Trays and Platters 

Our Dessert Trays are filled with an assortment of bite sized desserts, which may include mini cupcakes, mini tartlets, mini cookies, mini cakes and cheesecakes to tantalize the taste buds.  Tiered trays are also available with all cheesecake, if requested.  Please note that Tiered trays are not for sale. The trays are only for the event use and need to be returned to Fabled Table.

Triple Tiered Dessert  $125
Approximately 90 pieces

Double Tiered Dessert  $50 small / $75 large
Approximately 30 pieces per small tray and 50 pieces per large tray

Dessert Platter  $30
Approximately 15 pieces


Cheesecakes cost start at $25 and are 9 inches in diameter, serves approximately 10-12.  Cheesecake Samplers are available for $30 which includes 24 assorted bite sized pieces of cheesecakes. Cheese Cake Menu

Deliveries are available locally, for a nominal fee. Please contact us at 412.886.7400, for more information regarding Special Dietary Needs and Deliveries.

Our baked goods are fresh and we use real ingredients – not preservatives or additives you can’t pronounce.  We recommend consuming your treats within a few days of receiving them. If not, they will freeze wonderfully, for up to 8 weeks in a sealed container.

Nut Allergen AlertWe do use peanuts and other nuts in a few of our recipes. Although we do not include nuts in every recipe, there is a possibility that any of our products could contain trace amounts of nut oils. Unfortunately, we ask that individuals with nut allergies refrain from eating our products.